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The Chevrolet Corvette series cars have a long history dating back to 1953 when the first generation of car was introduced. Thereafter, General Motors have brought out six versions of the Chevrolet Corvette series. After extensive R & D work, in the year 2014, General Motors have introduced the 7th generation of Corvette sports car. As a matter of fact, it was generally expected that General Motors would introduce this 7th Generation Car in the year 2011 itself. However, for various reasons the introduction was delayed and finally it was brought to the market in the year 2014. This generation car; C7 as it is popularly called has undergone several changes as compared to the earlier versions. Experts in automobile industry also are of the opinion this C7 model car has undergone enormous changes compared to the earlier generation cars; both in terms of design and technology.

True to their tradition, General Motors have stood to the expectations of the admirers of Chevrolet Corvette series cars. As already said, this C7 series has been introduced incorporating several salient features. In the first place, C7 has been introduced in two different models namely Stingray (1LT) and Stingray with Z51 (2LT). The exterior of the car finds a large departure from all the previous versions. This Corvette Stingray is a purpose designed car which takes a larger view of the convenience of the driver and also of the passengers. The body is built of carbon fiber and has larger rear quarter window. It is provided with Xenon high intensity headlamp and also daytime running lamp comprising of LED lamps located right above the headlamp. This sleek model headlamp adds glitter to the car. The taillights have undergone considerable changes in design.

The car is powered by a whopping 460 HP engine. This 7 speed manual control car has high speed active handling mechanism. To ensure sturdiness, the car is provided with aluminum frame. Interestingly, it is also provided with removable roof panel. You also find rear opening engine access facility which adds to your convenience while accessing the engine. Open the door with the keyless access utility and start the car with a push button and within a matter of 3.9 seconds you can zoom to a speed of 60 miles per hour! You can comfortably take the car in the reverse direction because it is provided with reverse direction camera facility. The car has clear wheel base of 2710 mm and this enables you to drive with great comfort under any road condition. Overall width of this C7 model car is 1877 mm and length is 4492 mm with height of 1239 mm.

This fully air conditioned car is provided with individual passenger control air conditioner mechanism. The meter panel is ergonomically situated so that the driver would get a full view of the entire panel of meters. The power steering wheel is comfortably placed with mounted control for audio and access for various other driver related information. The car is provided with 9 speaker Bose music system along with various other facilities like the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB port, smart phone integration, text message utility and various other utilities. The car is provided with bucket seat and abundant leg space is provided which add to your comfort, particularly when you are on long hours of travel.

General Motor always gives priority to passenger safety. Keeping this in view, C7 car is provided with front and side impact bags. In addition to this, you also find 4 wheel Brembo ventilated brakes with ABS and brake utility facility. All these enable you to drive your C7 with added confidence.

Interestingly, General Motors have introduced the Corvette Stingray in ten different colors and shades. Some of the popular colors are White, Red, Gray and yellow.